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Mário Lopes

Planning & Manager Control

Joined Retail Mind in February 2022

Mário is responsible for coordinating the economic and financial area of Retail Mind, advising on investment projects in corporate finance, promoted by the company’s clients. Responsible for conducting the company’s economic and financial planning, risk management, analysing the organisation’s liabilities and investments, deciding on investment strategies, considering liquidity risks, among others. In addition, he is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the organisation’s fundraising plans and capital structure, as well as ensuring that cash flow is appropriate for the organisation’s operations. He oversees the entire finance team, manages relationships with selected suppliers and ensures the preparation of reliable actual and forecast reports. He is also responsible for overseeing the company’s financial and management IT systems and ensuring compliance with the law and company policies.

Practice Areas: Economics and Finance

Mário Lopes - Retailmind